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Our Story

There is no fancy story or a divine intervention to the backdrop of Enigma Automobiles Private Limited, much like every other invention, Enigma was born out of a necessity to bring the much needed change to the Indian Automotive Industry.

The Focus and The Idea

Like there are two side of the coin, we believe every aspect has two sides to it.
Much like our founders, on a brief visit to New Delhi, rather than focusing on the ever growing air and noise pollution, they focused on the then new and popular E-Rickshaw.
The idea was to make an electric vehicle which could be technologically enhanced, feature rich as well as affordable.

The Inception

In October 2015, Enigma Automobiles has its humble beginnings with the sons of a Government servant. Initial days were exciting with having to work two months rigorously at a friend’s farmhouse to bring about the first electric vehicle of the company.

The Work

Ever growing and persistent work is being poured since the launching of the first electric three-wheeler MARUT, from being among the first to introduce manual gear option in the electric rickshaw to designing a different set of BLDC motor, we believe in constantly improving our products.

The Approach

Enigma believes in educating the citizens and improving their understanding about the entire electric vehicle industry. We believe in order to bring any substantial change one should have the support of the masses.

The Rewards

Having being founded in the humble state of Madhya Pradesh, our two wheelers and three wheelers now stands toe to toe with National and International Brands, and we are always excited to prove our mettle and are grateful to our valued business partners and customers for their faith in us.

The Leadership

Anmol Bohre

Anmol has always been fascinated by Automobiles, his solution centric approach and pin point problem identification has ensured maximum output from available resources. An ICE enthusiast turned BLDC aficionado, he is instrumental in the designing of the vehicles.

Alancrit Bohre

If business relations were an art, Alancrit is the artist. Alancrit endorses the inherent thought that a ‘Human is about Humility’. Always ready to guide and just a phone call away, his humble and jolly nature has guided Enigma to one of the most trusted and preferred electric vehicle brands.

Our Commercial

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we are always excited to prove our mettle and are grateful to our valued business partners

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